Une Marque de RESPECT :





Respect: n.m: Feeling that leads to treating someone or something with great respect, a
profound deference.

This is a word that corresponds to our philosophy and has remained the common thread since my installation in the development of Champagne!


Notre Cuvée Bio

Respects ...

Respect for the Environment and Nature:
Since the recovery of the family estate, we have always been committed to the search for alternative techniques that are more respectful of the environment. However, all our choices are subject to constant questioning, because with the experience gained we are certain: "We are sure of nothing! "
Respect of the Man:

In all the decisions that can be made, the human and relational factor is always an element taken into account. Whether in the context of work, commercial or associative relationships:
Dialogue, exchange and the "well-being" of all is essential.

Respect of Tradition and Values:

Without locking ourselves into the nostalgia and immobility of our profession of the art of the vine and the Champagne, it remains important to have a duty of memory: "To know where one comes from to know where the we go ! ". I remain convinced that maintaining certain traditions and taking back values ​​from our predecessors (my father and my grandfather among others) is a foundation that also allows to know how to evolve!

Respect of the Product:

Let the Terroir express itself and let the wine find its balance is the technical itinerary that we adopt. But we also take care of the control of the various stages of the elaboration to avoid all the deviances that could alter the final taste quality of your Champagne.

Respect for the Consumer:

By remaining open to dialogue and the transparency of our practices, we always favor direct exchange with the amateurs who share the pleasure of tasting Champagne.

Compliance with commitments :

We have a certain number of convictions through a BIO conversion process of the house vineyard (since April 2011) and a certification process in sustainable viticulture through our membership of the TERRA VITIS® VIGNOBLE CHAMPENOIS association (2012). We therefore have no reservations about the checks that the independent certifying bodies (ECOCERT and AFNOR) can make on the traceability of our practices.