Historique et Perspectives :

The genealogy of the GOUSSARD family and its various branches, traces a past of several generations of vine growers engaged in the culture of their vineyard.

In 1989, Didier GOUSSARD, holder of his National Oenologist Diploma, joined forces with his sister and brother-in-law, creating G.A.EC of Val de Sarce.

Since 2007, and the arrival of a new generation, each of the partners has expressed the desire to create its own brand and to ensure its commercial development independently.

Thus, the SARL of Val de Sarce, ensures the technical and mechanical follow-up of the vineyards and Didier GOUSSARD pursues the control and the control of the elaboration of the Champagnes on behalf of all.

In 2012, after the death of his brother-in-law and partner, Didier
GOUSSARD decides to take back alone the control of the SARL of Val de Sarce.

The house vineyard is still operated by the Val de Sarce SARL, which continues to develop and market the brand, which will become Champagne GUSTAVE GOUSSARD since 2014.

Since 2011, an even stronger commitment to the use of alternative techniques in the House Vineyard has been decided.
Since April 2011, the farm has been converted to organic farming and has been certified since the 2014 vintage.

In 2012, the Val de Sarce SARL was also at the origin of the creation of the association TERRA VITIS VIGNOBLE CHAMPENOIS, for the establishment of a certification in sustainable viticulture.

Champagne Gustave GOUSSARD: A Mark of Respect!

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